Test your GreenLight XPS skills with this fast-paced, laser fueled rhythm game

Lose yourself in the laser fueled rhythm of Neon Conduit. Jump on your laserdisc and perfectly hit all the beats and riffs. Master all vaporization techniques to rise to the top of the rankings.

Practice by Playing

Neon Conduit is a fast-paced rhythm game designed to help you get acquainted with the core principles required for successful GreenLight XPS procedures.

The gameplay reduces the complexity of controlling a GreenLight laser to only the key motions required for focusing on four important aspects: tissue-fiber distance, sweep speed, sweep angle and controlling bleeding.

While this game will not make you an expert at performing real-life GreenLight procedures, it may help you get there a bit quicker.

Compete with Others

Compete with players around the world in three skill brackets. Rise to the top of the leaderboards and prove your mastery.

So get ready to dive into this laser fueled, neon-lit challenge. Can you beat the highscores of expert surgeons?

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